This Year

I like having goals for each year. It helps me improve my life. Even if I don’t reach all my goals, I normally get 80% of them and have made considerable progress on the remaining. 

2017 goals, reasoning and outcome’s where:

  • Run a Marathon- to get fit. Under 4 hour time, was easier than imagined.
  • Meditate a minimum of 7  minutes a day- train myself to be more present and increase happiness. Successful, did it before sleeping each evening. Not sure how  much it helped but figure being out of my head for even a bit is beneficial.
  • No masturbating or alcohol in January- see how my energy level changed without these activities. No masturbating was also to increase my incentive of going out and having real experiences. Quite useful, felt more energetic which helped productivity each day. Had strange dreams.
  • Write at least one thing each day to reflect and find feedback loops, IE. A gratitude, a lesson learnt or a reflection on movements towards goals. Was more useful for looking back and seeing how I was feeling and experiencing at different periods.
  • Have sex. Like anal sex (i’m gay). Felt pressured putting this in by a friend. Didn’t (properly) achieve this, but don’t mind as had other experiences and encounters. Don’t mind waiting on this one until i’m with someone i’m comfortable with.
  • Date six people, unless one works out. Dated about 4 but then had a couple of one-off sexual encounters.. so almost there. Added this goal as there isn’t as many gay people in the world(relatively), I feel I need to set goals to meet as many as possible to find the ones that could be suitable friends or boyfriend.
  • Read more primary/source texts. Wanted to get closer to the source of knowledge so it was less filtered. Didn’t achieve as well as I had hoped. Read Ben Franklin, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca. Failed to read Charles Darwin which I was disappointed with.
  • Read more evolutionary psychology and Stoicism.  Evolutionary psych probably most important thing in understanding human behavior. Stoicism to help me better deal with own internal state. Stoicism reads are above. For evolutionary psych, I didn’t do as much as hoped but picked up bits from Influence-R. Cialdini,  Origins Of Virtue- Matt Ridley, Poor Charles Almanack- Charlie Munger. And currently in the middle of a very good book which I think I plan to write a separate post on.
  • Practice self-awareness at all times. Maybe impossible. Included as it is a nice reminder when I look at the goals to be present.
  • Learn at least one programming language. Taught myself some Java but ended up in a job where I develop with a niche database language, so this one worked out quite well.
  • Reduced caffeine intake to once or this per week as a reward to help form a habit. Failed quite miserably on this one, daily caffeine intake stayed fairly consistent all year round (one cup of coffee, 3/4 cups of tea). Leads me nicely to this years goals.


  • Cut out daily caffeine. I think it is better to be in a natural non-caffeinated state as much as possible.  Substituting for decaf tea and coffee working well so far.
  • Write 20 blog posts. I’m including this to keep myself writing and reminding me of these commitments.
  • Read two textbooks  on the software I develop with. This is to try get an edge in the field where I am working with very technical minded  people from mathematics and physics backgrounds. I plan to get my edge through acquiring more language specific knowledge.
  • My big one this year is to set up a business, preferably with a passive income stream. I have wanted to do this for many years, but seem to be always putting it off. My crappy excuses so far include acquiring more skills to set my self up for success  and waiting for the right opportunity to come. But now the time has come to get to work.

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